Investment Philosophy


To truly make money in the stock market, the price you pay for a business will ultimately dictate whether you make a satisfactory return on your investment. Value Investing is the art of paying less than the perceived value. When you pay less two positive outcomes can occur: (1) you can lose less and (2) you can gain more. Our goal is obviously to gain and not to lose. My value investing techniques increases the odds to make money and protect your principal investment.

The strategy is simple but the research and analysis is rigorous. Companies are thoroughly studied and then purchased at the largest discount to my assessment of value. There are also times when I bet against a company. This is referred to as a “short” investment. In this instance, I would short a company selling at the largest premium to my assessment of value.

The stock market can be a volatile and manic environment. I believe that companies can become mispriced because of short-term events and emotion. This will present opportunities to purchase them at fantastic prices. If I am good at identifying these mispriced companies, eventually the stock market will agree with me.

I do not contend that my strategy and philosophy is the only one that works. However, it is one in which I can stay true to. Discipline and consistency is needed to navigate the market through all its travails.


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