Small Business Retirement Planning

SEP IRA’s with Parker Logan


Features SEP IRA    
Who it’s for
  • Self-employed individuals or small-business owner, including those with employees
  • Sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, S corporations
Key Advantages
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • No initial setup or annual maintenance fee
Who contributes
  • Employer only (employee may make traditional IRA contributions to the account)
Contribution limits
  • Employer contributes up to 25% of employee compensation or up to a maximum of $52,000 in 2014
  • Employer must contribute the same percentage to employee accounts in years he or she contributes to his or her own account
  • No Form 5500 filing
  • Employee notification of employer’s contribution, if made
  • No initial setup or annual maintenance fee
  • Immediate
Access to assets
  • Withdrawals at any time, which are subject to current federal income taxes and possibly to a 10% penalty if the participant is under age 59½


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