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Through peaks & valleys, we help our clients have the 

Confidence to Invest.



Robo-advice and professional guidance

Investing based on your goals

Low cost  broker & admin fees

We pass our rates to you!

Access to emerging manager talent

All the investments you need to grow your wealth

We don't sell annuities or other high-fee investments

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We encourage your questions. Here are top questions from investors like you.

  • How much does it cost to work with Parker Logan?
    There is no fee to open an account with Parker Logan (minimum deposits apply). And there is no charge to work withe a Parker Logan Financial Advisor. Although other account fees, fund expenses, and brokerage commissions may apply, we believe in keeping our fees low as a way to provide greater value to you. In fact, our fees are some of the lowest in the industry. We strive to keep fees low so that you have more to invest. Typically, Parker Logan's all-in annualized fee ranges between .5% to 1.5% of total assets under management.
  • How do I open an account?
    Opening takes about 10-15 minutes. Before you begin, you'll need: - You U.S. permanent resident address - Your Social Security number or Tax ID number These are the steps you'll follow: Choose your account type. Provide your information. Set your account features. Accept the Terms and Conditions Fund your account To get started, open your account here or call 646.494.5213
  • How easy is it to switch brokerage providers?
    Transferring your existing account(s) to Parker Logan is simple. Our team can assist you every step of the way.
  • What kind of investment products does Parker Logan offer?
    Our wide selection of investment products provides you with the numerous choices in building a diversified portfolio to help reach your goals. Mutual Funds A mutual fund is an investment vehicle made up of a pool of funds from many investors that buys stocks, bonds, and other securities. Mutual funds make it easy to diversify your portfolio and get professional management, so you don’t have to research, buy, and track every security in the fund. Stocks A stock represents a share in the ownership of a company, including a claim on the company’s earnings and assets. As such, stockholders are partial owners of the company. Stocks are fundamental to nearly every portfolio and have historically outperformed most other investments over time (past performance cannot guarantee future results). Options An option is a financial derivative that represents a contract sold by one party (the option writer) to another party (the option holder). The contract offers the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call) or sell (put) a security or other financial asset at an agreed-upon price (the strike price) until or upon a specific date (expiration date). Bonds, CDs, and Other Fixed Income Fixed income investments are types of investments that seek to provide interest payments at regular intervals. Fixed income investments can give you a reasonably dependable income stream while also providing portfolio diversification, capital preservation, and (in some cases) potential tax benefits. Global Investing Investing in foreign securities. Global investing can provide more portfolio diversification and has the potential for investment opportunities in emerging markets around the world. Emerging Manager Funds (Exclusive) Parker Logan is proud to curate some of the top investment minds that can only be found here.
  • Does Parker Logan offer investment stragtegies that can't be found anywhere else?
    Yes! Parker Logan is proud to curate some of the top investment minds that can be found exclusively here. We specialize in providing proper asset allocation amongst these managers according to your personalized investment plan. Think of it as getting access to hedge-fund talent and strategies at a fraction of the cost.
  • How can Parker Logan manage my investments for me?
    At Parker Logan, you have access to a wide range of investment management services to help you reach your goals. And you’ll have access to a variety of investment strategies, investment advice, and the ability to regularly monitor and rebalance your portfolio.
  • What makes Parker Logan different?
    We take a traditional business-like approach to investing. We believe in asking questions, being engaged, and taking ownership of your future. Most importantly, we only recommend investments that we own ourselves and according to specific circumstances. We like to call it, 'Skin in the Game' investing. Our intersts are always aligned together.
  • What is it like to work with Parker Logan?
    At Parker Logan, we believe in putting investors first. We champion investors and those who serve them because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve great financial outcomes. We see the world through your eyes. We get to know you and your needs before we make investment recommendations. We offer guidance, insights, and support no matter what type of account you have.
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Teach your portfolio some new tricks...
Rollover that old 401(k)

401(k)s are great when your employer is contributing.


When that benefit comes to an end, it's time to rollover that 401(K) into a Roth or Traditional IRA. Opening an account will offer better access to investments and lower fees. 

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