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Your investments

Your retirement

Protecting your income

Protecting your assets

Protecting you family

Creating a personalized strategy

It starts with a conversation to help bring your full financial picture into focus.

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Your investments


A blend of investment products and strategies based on your personal situation can help you grow your wealth and manage the impact of taxes. Our comprehensive approach may include:


  • Asset allocation strategies to balance risk and reward

  • Tax-advantaged strategies1 designed to reduce the impact of taxes on your investments

  • Disciplined, active management to help balance gains and losses

  • Professionally managed portfolios to address a range of goals


Conversation starters: Questions to consider with your advisor


  • Have you considered an asset allocation strategy for stocks, bonds, and cash?

  • Have you considered a strategy for the way you locate specific investments, assets, or securities in taxable versus retirement accounts?


Your retirement


We can help you assess your full picture of personal assets, workplace plans, and Social Security benefits, then show you how different scenarios may impact your long-term outlook. Our recommendations may include:

  • A range of individual retirement account solutions

  • Executive and stock plan services to help manage equity compensation

  • Small-business retirement plan solutions


Conversation starters: Questions to consider with your advisor

  • What is your strategy regarding income generation and expenses?

  • What do you know about longevity planning and how does your current plan address the risk of outliving your assets?


Protecting your income


We believe a smart strategy is appropriately diversified,3 provides income and growth potential and enables flexibility as your needs evolve. We can help you consider:

  • Non-Annuity options for income (annuities guarantee income a big cost to you)

  • Insurance solutions to protect your family's wellbeing

  • Planning ahead for longevity, medical expenses, and long-term care costs


Conversation starters: Questions to consider with your advisor

  • Do you have a strategy that will meet your family's essential and discretionary income needs?

  • Have you taken into account the effects that market movements, inflation, and rising interest rates could have on your income plan?


Protecting your assets


A comprehensive asset protection plan must take into account today's complex tax landscape, as well as your range of assets, wishes for supporting loved ones, and charitable interests. We can help bring all the pieces together with:


  • Financial strategies for estate planning

  • Strategies for managing federal estate and gift taxes

  • Inheritor services for guidance and support through the process of settling an estate

  • Trust accounts and administrative services


Conversation starters: Questions to consider with your advisor


  • Have you worked with your attorney and tax specialist to draft an estate plan?

  • What is your plan for providing for and gifting to your heirs?


Protecting your family


Caring and providing opportunities for the people who matter most to you can be a significant financial responsibility. We can help you consider:


  • 529 college savings plans and our college gifting program 

  • Engaging your loved ones in charitable giving and legacy planning

  • Guidance and resources for talking with your family members about sensitive topics like aging, illness, and death

Conversation starters: Questions to consider with your advisor

  • Would you like to provide any financial assistance to your parents, children, and/or grandchildren?

  • Do your parents or close loved ones have a plan for their own living and medical expenses in retirement?


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